Physician Disability Insurance Articles

Disability Insurance for Surgeons

Perhaps more than any other physician, surgeons should only purchase a disability insurance policy if it includes the true own-occupation definition of total disability. Only this definition of disability will provide a surgeon with benefits for total disability, even if he/she is able and decides to work in a different occupation. Our firm specializes in working with physicians and can help you secure a comprehensive policy that adequately protects your family and quality of life. By representing multiple disability insurance companies, we can help you find the comprehensive coverage you need at an affordable price. Call 800-817-4522 or submit a quote request today.

Podiatrist & Podiatric Surgeon Disability Insurance

Maintaining comprehensive disability insurance is important for any professional, but particularly those who are highly specialized. Podiatrists need disability insurance just as much as any medical professional but are often faced with some unique challenges. Our firm can help Podiatrists evaluate the options available and ultimately apply for the policy that best fits their needs and budgets. Since we represent multiple insurance companies, we can provide you access to the most favorable coverage and competitive pricing available.

Disability Insurance for Attending Physicians

After investing such a great deal of time and money in your education and specialized training, it only makes sense to protect your future income and financial security. A comprehensive disability insurance policy can provide you with the income protection you need, if an injury or illness prevents you from earning an income in your medical specialty. Let us show you how disability insurance can effectively protect you and your family’s future by submitting a quote request or calling 800-817-4522 today. We’ll help you compare the leading disability insurance policies available to physicians today.

Orthopaedic Surgeon Disability Insurance

As an orthopaedic surgeon, your anticipated income and lifestyle is directly tied to your physical, emotional and cognitive ability to perform highly specialized procedures. Owning a comprehensive disability insurance policy is the most effective way for you to protect that anticipated income and lifestyle from the effects of a debilitating injury or illness. Our firm specializes in working with physicians and can help you secure a comprehensive policy suitable for your circumstances. Call 800-817-4522 or submit a quote request to get personalized proposals and recommendations.

Disability Insurance for Ophthalmologists

Although some eye conditions can be treated with simple medication, many of the eye diseases and disorders an Ophthalmologist treats require precise procedural work – hence why it is so important to have a quality disability insurance policy to protect your income. We can help you review your options and secure a policy that provides you the greatest level of income protection. To review personalized proposals request a disability quote today.

Neurosurgeon Disability Insurance

Thanks to their tremendous time commitment and highly specialized training, Neurosurgeons have the ability to maintain a comfortable lifestyle for themselves and their families. It is also this time commitment and specialized training however, that makes income protection such an important issue. Our firm specializes in working with physicians like you – we represent the leading disability insurance providers and can help you select the best policy for your situation.

Disability Insurance for Medical Residents & Fellows

There are several individual disability insurance policies being offered to medical residents & fellows today and our firm can help you navigate those options. Using special underwriting programs offered by all of the major insurance carriers, new physicians can secure as much as $5,000 in monthly benefit during training and $7,500 in their graduating year, with the option to increase benefits in the future. Call 800-817-4522 or request a disability insurance quote today to review the options available to you.

Disability Insurance for Internal Medicine Physicians

Developing the skill level required of an internal medicine physician takes years of hard work and training. Carrying a comprehensive disability insurance policy is by far the best way to protect that hard work and secure a guaranteed income stream even if an unexpected injury or illness prevents you from working in your occupation. Our firm specializes in income protection for physicians.