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Disability Insurance for Dentists

Disability Insurance for Dentists

With the level of expertise and training you have, the ability to practice dentistry is your greatest financial asset. It is your specialized ability to earn an income that allows you to maintain a higher quality of life, provide for your family and accumulate retirement assets and wealth. Doesn’t it make sense to protect your family, future and financial well-being with a comprehensive disability insurance policy?

Importance of Own-Occupation for Dentists

Regardless of whether included automatically or as an optional rider, your disability insurance policy should include an own-occupation definition of total disability. Every policy has a definition of total disability and “own-occupation” is the most favorable for dentists since it will pay benefits when you cannot work in your own specific occupation, even if you decide to work in a different occupation.

Important Policy Benefits for Dentists

Every disability insurance policy is different from the next and although it may be impossible and pointless to review every fine detail, there are certain provisions that dentists should be familiar with. Below is a list of these key provisions:

  • Non-cancellable policy provides guaranteed level premiums
  • Residual disability rider provides benefits for partial disability
  • Recovery benefits that pay up to the full benefit period
  • Own-Occupation for your dental specialty

Reviewing Disability Insurance Quotes

Our disability insurance specialists can help you compare and understand the various options available to you. Call 800-817-4522 today or submit a quote request. We’ll compare proposals from the top disability insurance carriers for dentists and help you review and apply for the best policy.

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