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Dermatologist Disability Insurance

Dermatologist Disability Insurance

Protecting your income with disability insurance is one of the best ways for a Dermatologist to secure his/her future and the financial wellbeing of his/her family. An unexpected injury or illness could cause tremendous financial hardship if the proper protection is not in place.

Own-Occupation for Dermatologists

Your disability insurance should coordinate with your medical specialty and pay benefits when you are unable to work as a Dermatologist, even if you can work in some other capacity. Our office focuses on providing Dermatologists with own-occupation coverage that includes medical specialty wording in the definition of disability.

Disability Insurance Policy Details

The quality of a disability insurance policy is measured by the provisions, definitions and optional riders it provides. When purchasing disability insurance, be sure to consider all of the important provisions before making a decision.

  • Own-occupation definition of disability with medical specialty wording
  • Noncancelable and guaranteed renewable contract
  • Residual Disability Benefits for a partial loss of income
  • Cost of Living Adjustment to hedge against inflation
  • Future Increase Option to adjust for increased earnings
  • No limitations on benefits for mental/nervous conditions

Disability Insurance for Dermatology Residents

Applying for disability insurance during residency can be a great way for Dermatologists to simplify the process of obtaining coverage and maximize the benefits of having it. Dermatology residents can take advantage of:

  • Special benefit programs, regardless of your current income
  • Lower premiums for the life of the policy
  • Comprehensive income protection during training
  • Greater chance of qualifying medically
  • Financial independence from employer sponsored plans

Where to Start

Getting started is easy. Simply call us at 1-800-817-4522 or submit a quote request. We’ll provide you with quotes from the leading disability insurance providers for Dermatologists and help you select the best option for your circumstances. If you’d like to review additional information, visit our Physician Disability Insurance Guide.

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