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Disability Insurance for ER Physicians

Disability Insurance for ER Physicians

Own-Occupation for ER Physicians

We focus on providing ER physicians with the most comprehensive disability insurance policies available, including the true own-occupation definition of total disability with medical specialty wording. No other definition of disability protects an ER physician’s future income more effectively.

Policy Details for ER Physicians

In order to select the best disability insurance policy for an ER physician, there are certain benefits and policy provisions that you need to consider:

  • Noncancelable and guaranteed renewable contract
  • Own-occupation definition of disability with medical specialty wording
  • Residual Disability Benefits for a partial loss of income
  • Cost of Living Adjustment to hedge against inflation
  • Future Increase Option to adjust for increased earnings
  • Review benefit limitations for mental/nervous conditions

Purchasing Coverage During Residency

Many ER physicians purchase disability insurance during or just following residency. With a combination of your young age, better health and more liberal underwriting requirements, purchasing disability insurance during residency may allow you to take advantage of:

  • Special benefit limits, regardless of current income
  • Lower premiums for the life of the policy
  • Greater chance of qualifying medically
  • Higher quality income protection

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