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Healthcare Professionals

Disability insurance is an important consideration for any professional who is not independently wealthy, but particularly for healthcare professionals that have chosen specialized career paths. In addition to servicing physicians, we also work with ODs, NPs, PAs, CRNAs, CAAs, DPMs, DPTs, and DVMs.

Important Features

Important Features

We enjoy helping people with their disability insurance because we truly believe it’s important and have witnessed it’s benefits in action. That said, quality disability insurance policies can be costly, and we believe it’s important to find a balance between quality coverage and affordable premiums. Securing adequate coverage, without the extra bells and whistles, is better than not securing coverage at all because of ultra-high premiums – at least that’s our opinion. Private disability insurance policies can be customized, and we encourage consumers to learn about their options, but generally recommend the following features:

  • Benefits payable to age 65 (longer benefit periods are obviously better, but also more costly and may not be a priority for those with a budget)
  • Noncancelable and guaranteed renewable (secure pricing and policy terms)
  • True own-occupation definition of total disability (coverage based on the performance of your occupation)
  • Partial or Residual disability benefits (provide benefits when an illness/injury causes a loss of income, without causing total disability)
  • Benefit Increase option (particularly important for those expecting large or continual increases in income)
  • Cost of Living Adjustment rider (particularly beneficial for young professionals with the potential of decade-long claims)

Optional riders are available for an additional premium. Some policy benefits and features are not available to all occupations.

Disability Insurance - Simplified

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Disability insurance benefits and pricing are effected by several factors including age, gender, occupation and income. Completing our Quote Request form gives us the information needed to provide you with customized quotes from the five primary companies offering a True Own-Occupation definition of total disability today: Guardian, Principal, MassMutual, Standard and Ameritas.

2 We Help You Compare Options

Disability insurance is not as complicated as some would like you to believe. In fact, it can be made quite simple when provided a clear explanation of the most important concepts, features and riders. There are only so many ways these policies can be designed, and only so many differences that can really be evaluated. Once you have a chance to review your personalized proposals, we’ll schedule a time to review them together by phone.

3 Apply With Confidence and Realistic Expectations

Applying for disability insurance is simple, but the underwriting process is rarely that and not everyone qualifies for flawless coverage. We believe it is important to discuss all variables ahead of applying, to help ensure the smoothest process possible, avoid surprises and allow consumers to apply with realistic expectations.

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