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Disability Insurance for Internal Medicine Physicians

Disability Insurance for Internal Medicine Physicians

Developing the skill level required of an internal medicine physician takes years of hard work and training. Carrying a comprehensive disability insurance policy is by far the best way to protect that hard work and secure a guaranteed income stream even if an unexpected injury or illness prevents you from working in your occupation. Our firm specializes in income protection for physicians.

Important Policy Details

It is important that you secure a disability insurance policy that provides occupation-specific coverage, but also includes other important provisions and benefits as well. Below is a list of policy features we generally recommend for Internists:

  • Own-occupation definition of disability with medical specialty wording
  • Non-cancellable and guaranteed renewable
  • Residual disability benefits for a partial disabilities
  • Cost of living adjustment rider
  • Future increase option to secure future benefit increases
  • No limitations on benefits for mental/nervous conditions

Purchasing Coverage During Training

The most valuable benefit to purchasing disability insurance during residency is that you are young and hopefully in exceptional health, which makes it easier to qualify. In addition to this, there are many other reasons physicians purchase coverage during residency:

  • Higher benefit programs, regardless of your current income
  • Lower premiums for the life of the policy
  • Comprehensive income protection during training
  • Greater chance of qualifying medically
  • Financial independence from employer sponsored plans
  • Graded premium options to maximize affordability

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