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Medical Residents

Disability Insurance for Medical Residents & Fellows

Disability Insurance for Medical Residents & Fellows

There are several individual disability insurance policies being offered to medical residents & fellows today and our firm can help you navigate those options. Using special underwriting programs offered by all of the major insurance carriers, new physicians can secure as much as $5,000 in monthly benefit during training and $7,500 in their graduating year, with the option to increase benefits in the future. Call 800-817-4522 or request a disability insurance quote today to review the options available to you.

Finding An Appropriate Policy

Owning a disability insurance policy is the most logical way for a medical resident or fellow to protect his/her future earnings and quality of life. Since every disability insurance policy is different, it is critical that new physicians work with a financial professional who can effectively and objectively help them understand the differences. Below are some of the policy provisions we feel are most important for medical residents and fellows:

  • Non-cancelable and guaranteed renewable
  • Definition of total disability and medical specialty wording
  • Residual disability rider with enhanced recovery benefits
  • Future increase option rider to accommodate increases in your income
  • Cost of Living Adjustment rider

Own-Occupation For Medical Residents

The true own-occupation definition of total disability may very well be the most comprehensive definition available to physicians today. Our office specializes in providing medical residents with disability insurance that includes the own-occupation definition of disability for the full benefit period of the policy, and can even include an optional graded-lifetime benefit.

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Getting Started is Easy

You can start by calling us at 1-800-817-4522 or submitting a quote request. We’ll work closely with you to evaluate the options available and select an appropriate disability insurance policy for your situation and budget.

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