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Neurosurgeon Disability Insurance

Neurosurgeon Disability Insurance

Thanks to their tremendous time commitment and highly specialized training, Neurosurgeons have the ability to maintain a comfortable lifestyle for themselves and their families. It is also this time commitment and specialized training however, that makes income protection such an important issue. Our firm specializes in working with physicians like you – we represent the leading disability insurance providers and can help you select the best policy for your situation.

Purchasing Disability Insurance

Your performance level must be at its best during every procedure – hence leaving a large spectrum of injuries and illnesses that can prevent you from performing surgery. Understanding the definition of disability and provisions within a disability insurance policy is critical to ensure you obtain the best policy available. We can help you review your options in order to make an informed decision.

  • Own-Occupation Definition of Disability with medical specialty wording
  • Residual Disability Benefit
  • Recovery Benefits – for full benefit period
  • Future Purchase Option
  • Cost of Living Adjustment – COLA
  • Benefit limitations for Mental/Nervous conditions

Purchasing Coverage During Residency

Some of the top insurance carriers our firm represents, offer very attractive options for medical residents, including Special Limit Programs which offer certain benefits based on your specialty and level of training. There are tremendous advantages in purchasing disability insurance while still in residency and we can assist you in evaluating your options. We’ve also created a Physicians Disability Insurance Guide, which provides more detailed information on disability insurance for residents.

Applying For Disability Insurance

Taking the first step is easy – simply call us at 800–817–4522 or request a disability insurance quote today. We are generally able to respond within one business day.

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