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Disability Insurance for Ophthalmologists

Disability Insurance for Ophthalmologists

Although some eye conditions can be treated with simple medication, many of the eye diseases and disorders an Ophthalmologist treats require precise procedural work – hence why it is so important to have a quality disability insurance policy to protect your income. We can help you review your options and secure a policy that provides you the greatest level of income protection. To review personalized proposals request a disability quote today.

Own-Occupation for Ophthalmologists

Our disability income specialists can help you sift through the various options available to physicians today, and select the definitions and provisions that provide the finest income protection for you and your family. Below is a list of the primary provisions we review with our physician clients:

  • Definition of total disability
  • Residual benefits for partial disability
  • Future Increase Option
  • Limitations for Mental/Nervous conditions

Benefits of Obtaining Coverage During Residency

In many cases, physicians wait too long to obtain disability insurance and as a result will have exclusions or limitations implemented in their policy. One of the smartest things an Ophthalmology resident can do is consider obtaining income protection during residency in order to take advantage of a younger age and hopefully excellent health. Regardless of your current income and current budget, you have options and our office can assist you in finding high quality and affordable coverage. You can also review our Physicians Disability Insurance Guide

Applying for Disability Insurance

Review your options with one of our disability income specialists today and call 800–817–4522 or request a disability quote. Our financial representatives work with the top insurance carriers and can provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

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