We help Optometrists find competitive rates on the best policies.

Insurance can be simple with the right advocate to help objectively compare and understand your options. Allow us to show you.

Disability Income Insurance

We help optometrists compare and apply for private disability
insurance. All quote requests are handled by Michael L. Relvas,
CFP®, the owner of this website and a specialist in the private
disability insurance marketplace. We only offer disability insurance
policies that include an own‐occupation definition of total disability
and illustrate all applicable discounts. We aim to educate and
empower doctors to understand their options and make informed

Term Life Insurance

We work with some of the nation’s most competitively priced Term
life insurance providers and can help optometrists compare and
apply for coverage. Those who are interested in simply comparing
rates, can do so here.
Term life insurance can be fairly straightforward, but applying for
coverage isn’t always. Insurance companies each use their own
underwriting criteria for evaluating a person’s eligibility, and we aim
to help doctors apply with the company that offers the best
opportunity of qualifying for the best rates.