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Disability Insurance for Radiologists

Disability Insurance for Radiologists

Protecting your hard work and future earnings with a comprehensive disability insurance policy is the best way to secure your financial well-being if an injury or illness prevents you from working as a Radiologist.

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Income Protection for Radiologists

Not all disability insurance policies are the same and as a Radiologist, you need to understand the different provisions used in some of the more comprehensive policies available today. We’ve provided a list of key terms and explanations to help guide you:

  • Non-cancellable and guaranteed renewable contract renewability
  • Definition of total disability with medical specialty wording
  • Residual disability benefit for partial disabilities
  • Future Increase Option to secure future benefit increases
  • Cost of Living Adjustment for long-term income protection
  • No benefit limitations for mental or nervous claims

Purchasing Coverage During Training

Considering disability insurance during medical residency will provide you with the information you need to make the most informed and appropriate decision. Many Radiologists select to purchase coverage during residency for the following reasons:

  • Lower guaranteed level premiums
  • More likely to qualify medically
  • Less likely to have exclusions for pre-existing conditions
  • Higher benefit programs regardless of your current income
  • Comprehensive income protection while in training
  • Independence from employer-sponsored plans

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