Insurance can be simple, with the right advocate to help objectively compare and understand your options. That’s what we do.


Insurance can be simple, with the right advocate to help objectively compare and understand your options. That’s what we do.

04 Aug: Disability Insurance for Internal Medicine Physicians

Developing the skill level required of an internal medicine physician takes years of hard work and training. Carrying a comprehensive disability insurance policy is by far the best way to protect that hard work and secure a guaranteed income stream even if an unexpected injury or illness prevents you from working in your occupation. Our firm specializes in income protection for physicians.

04 Aug: Disability Insurance for Dentists

With the level of expertise and training you have, the ability to practice dentistry is your greatest financial asset. It is your specialized ability to earn an income that allows you to maintain a higher quality of life, provide for your family and accumulate retirement assets and wealth. Doesn’t it make sense to protect your family, future and financial well-being with a comprehensive disability insurance policy?

01 Apr: The Dos & Don’ts of Buying Disability Insurance for Physicians

Beginning early in their careers, physicians are commonly coached into purchasing individual disability insurance during training or shortly after. Regardless of the reasoning for this, physicians should follow basic guidelines in order to avoid purchasing coverage that does not provide adequate income protection. This article highlights six DOs and DON’Ts for physicians to consider when purchasing individual disability insurance.

01 Apr: Applying For Disability Insurance During Medical Residency

When applying for individual disability insurance, new physicians are provided with Special Limit Programs which are specifically designed for the unique needs of the medical professional. This article aims to explain the individual disability insurance benefit amounts for which physicians should expect to qualify based on Special Limit Programs, when applying during or shortly after medical training.

01 Apr: Buying Disability Insurance Coverage

All too often people try to buy disability insurance using similar strategies to those used when purchasing a car. However, it is important that when you buy disability insurance, you know what to look for other than just the cost. This article provides a list of important keywords to look for along with other insights that help facilitate the purchasing process.

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