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Disability Insurance for Surgeons

Disability Insurance for Surgeons

Perhaps more than any other physician, surgeons should only purchase a disability insurance policy if it includes the true own-occupation definition of total disability. Only this definition of disability will provide a surgeon with benefits for total disability, even if he/she is able and decides to work in a different occupation. Our firm specializes in working with physicians and can help you secure a comprehensive policy that adequately protects your family and quality of life. By representing multiple disability insurance companies, we can help you find the comprehensive coverage you need at an affordable price. Call 800-817-4522 or submit a quote request today.

Policy Features for Surgeons

Although the definition of disability should be a priority for surgeons, it is important that you also evaluate other policy provisions before determining which policy is best for you. Below is a list of key provisions that could help enhance a surgeon’s disability insurance policy:

  • Noncancelable and guaranteed renewable
  • Own-occupation definition of disability with medical specialty wording
  • Residual disability benefits for a partial loss of income
  • Recovery benefits for the full benefit period
  • Cost of living adjustment rider
  • Future increase option especially for young Surgeons
  • Full benefits for mental/nervous conditions

Disability Insurance During Residency

As a Surgeon, there are many illnesses and injuries that could prevent you from doing your job, even while you are still in training. For this reason, many Surgeons obtain coverage during residency to take advantage of:

  • Greater chance of qualifying medically and without exclusions
  • Lower guaranteed premiums for the life of the policy
  • Comprehensive income protection throughout training and beyond
  • Special benefit programs, regardless of your current income
  • Guaranteed ability to increase benefits in the future

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