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We're committed to providing a simple, unbiased and education-focused approach to securing Term Life and Disability Insurance. Allow us to show you.

M.R. Insurance Consultants

What to Expect from Us

  • A comprehensive comparison and review of the coverage offered by the top five disability insurance carriers we work with. This includes personalized quotes created through each company's approved illustration system.
  • Access to all discounts and unique underwriting programs available based on each individual's situation. We are committed to staying up-to-date on discount and Guaranteed Standard Issue (GSI) programs and consider all relevant options when running our comparisons. We even offer referrals for exclusive programs we don't have access to.
  • An education-focused approach to learning about disability insurance, without any of the sales pressure. Insurance can be made simple without having to "dumb it down". There are only a handful of factors and differences that really impact people's decisions, and we help highlight those differences to allow consumers to make informed decisions.

1 Get Your Quotes

Disability insurance rates and options are determined by several factors. Completing this form allows us to provide you with customized quotes relevant to your specific situation.

2 Review Your Options

Schedule a comprehensive and objective review of your personalized quotes. We want physicians to make informed decisions and are here to provide the resources and support necessary to accomplish that.

3 Secure Your Coverage

Once an informed decision is made, our team will collect the information necessary to process your application as seamlessly as possible.