FERS Disability for Government Physicians

As a Federal government physician subject to FERS, you are provided a basic disability benefit through the Federal Employees Retirement System. Although this specific program is generally referred to as disability retirement, the functionality is very similar to that of a traditional group disability insurance policy. To assist government physicians in adequately protecting their income, we’ve provided a basic summary of the eligibility requirements, benefit calculations, and limitations of FERS disability benefits.

Eligibility and Benefits for FERS Disability Retirement

Below is a basic summary which simplifies the FERS disability program for federal physicians. To review more specific details, visit FERS disability benefits or simply call us at 1-800-817-4522.

  • To qualify, a physician must have completed at least 18 months of creditable Federal service.
  • To qualify, the disability must be expected to last at least one year.
  • During the first 12 months of disability: A qualifying physician may be eligible for 60% of his/her high-3 average salary.
  • After the first 12 months of disability: A qualifying physician may be eligible for 40% of his/her high-3 average salary.

Individual Disability Insurance for Federal Physicians

If you’ve tried obtaining information on individual disability insurance to supplement your FERS benefits, you probably noticed that the options available are limited. The Federal employee guidelines used by most insurance carriers today are generally based on the following:

  • Federal physicians with less than 18 months of service – few limitations
  • Federal physicians with less than 10 years of service – mild limitations
  • Federal physicians with over 10 years of service – limited to select carriers

Where to Begin

Owning a supplemental disability insurance policy as a Federal physician is one of the best ways of adequately protecting your family and future income. Our firm works with a number of insurance carriers offering quality individual disability insurance to Federal physicians. We encourage you to call 1-800-817-4522. or request a disability insurance quote to learn more about the options available to you.