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Compare Custom Quotes for Disability Insurance

Compare Custom Quotes for Disability insurance

Disability Insurance for Medical Students, Residents and Fellows

Disability insurance is important for any professional who isn’t already independently wealthy. It’s even more important for physicians however, because of the significant time commitment to your education/training, financial commitment in the form of tuition and student loans, and delayed earnings/savings. Imagine getting through medical school, residency and fellowship and then becoming disabled and unable to work within your chosen specialty, without ever receiving an attending paycheck. The financial impact could be disastrous for a PGY-7, but is already significant enough to protect against as a PGY-1.

Since 2006, we’ve enjoyed helping physicians navigate the private disability insurance marketplace in a transparent and education-focused manor that prioritizes our clients’ best interest. We keep up to date on industry news and changes, discounts and special underwriting programs available across the country, so that we can provide the best possible service to the physicians we serve.

For those who request a quote, we’ll send you a comprehensive review with personalized quotes for the top policies available to you based on your situation, and then help you review and narrow down those options over a phone call. With the right help, buying disability insurance doesn’t have to be as overwhelming as it may seem.