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Disability Insurance for Veterinarians

Disability Insurance for Veterinarians

As a veterinarian, you have the expert knowledge, experience and unique ability required to work with and treat animals. You are fortunate enough to earn a living doing that which you love most, but have you ever considered the impact a debilitating injury or illness would have on you and your family? A disability could cause devastating and irreversible damage if the proper planning is not in place. Protecting your unique expertise, your future and your family with quality disability insurance is logical and responsible.

Finding The Best Policy For Veterinarians

There are plenty of insurance companies today selling disability insurance, but only few offer the provisions and definitions adequate for veterinarians. We focus on working with the leading disability insurance providers for veterinarians and assist you in finding the best policy for your circumstances. Below are some of the provisions that veterinarians should focus on when purchasing disability insurance:

  • Non-cancelable and guaranteed renewable
  • Own-occupation definition of total disability
  • Residual disability rider with enhanced recovery benefits
  • Future increase option to accommodate future increases in earnings
  • Cost of living adjustments for long-term protection
  • No limitations on benefits for mental/nervous claims

Protecting Your Veterinary Specialty

For a profession that requires the level of expertise equal to that of a veterinarian, having a policy that protects you against being unable to work in any occupation, is just not good enough. The duties required of a veterinarian will differ based on the veterinary specialty. It is critical that your disability insurance policy pay benefits if you are unable to work in your veterinary specialty.

Applying for Coverage is Easy

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